Homeschooling Children with Special Needs

NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network (NATTHAN) is a Christian, non-profit organization dedicated to providing encouragement to families with special needs children who are homeschooling.

Bearable Times is an online site providing support, resources, information and a place to network for children who are ill, have challenges, or are homebound & their parents.

Resources for Parents & Teachers of Blind Kids has lots of great information including info on mailing lists, activities, helps, & more! This is a brand new message board for homeschoolers who have children with various disabilities to network & support each other.

The Family Education Network has an entire area dedicated to Special Needs which includes links, family matching, a message area & more! There is also a separate discussion area that has started for homeschoolers. Just choose the Special needs logo on the main page to get there. If you want to post under homeschooling, choose the Education link, then the Discussions tab, scroll down to the Parental Involvement forum, & choose homeschooling.

The Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap now has a Special Needs message board. You must register to post messages.

Kaleidoscapes's Homeschooling Special Needs Kids Message Board is new message board. This area is a special treat. It is aimed at all parenting issues. It has a homeschool message board, 8 special needs message boards, a scheduled chat on ADHD & a homeschool chat! If you register for the message boards, they will let you know when there is a response to your message via e-mail. You MUST register with the board to use the chats.

Parent's Soup is a site aimed at families. They have a dealing with disabilites message board, homeschooling message board,& IRC chats on homeschooling, Tourette's Syndrom, & ADD/ADHD. To access either of these, you must join Parent's Place. Simply fill out Join Parent Soup & fill in your name, a nickname, your e-mail address, & a password. You nickname is the name you will be known as in the discussion groups & IRC chats.

TeachUs.COM Special Needs Message Board This is a wonderful homeschool board with lots of great info. They have recently added a message board for special needs. This is the only place on the web that I know of that has a message board dedicated strictly to homeschoolers with children who have special needs! To access it, pick Public Message Board. Choose the topic Special Needs - Help & Information and then either read what others have said, reply, or post a new message!

Talkcity Has a message area for both Special Needs & homeschooling. Go to Message Boards & choose Talk City Education Center, then Parent Chat & then Children with Special Needs or Homeschool Education.

Christian Homeschool Forum's Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child compiled by Kathy Ridpath has info on 2 e-mail interest groups: one for homeschooling children with physical disabilites & one for homeschooling autistic children. Also, info on other groups not on the net & helps for ADD & ADHD.

The Homeschooling Kids With Disabilities Homepage is a has lots of links to some great information!

Homeschooling Kids With Disabilities is an e-mail list. Just use the link above to open mail & let them know that you want to subscribe in the body of the message.

Moore's Foundation has a Special Needs Satellite Program. You can either click on the link to e-mail them for more info or call them at 360-835-2736. They offer programs for learning disabled.

Gifted Resources Home Page is filled with information on everything from distance learning to mailing lists.

Sassafrass Grove Homeschool Add Page has lots of good info & links.

* UTGNET: Uniqueness, Twice-Gifted, Gifted Network - (804) 883-6757
Contact: Margaret E. Bradley-Simard
e-mail: :Uni (please mention UTGNET in the subject field)
UTGNET: UTGNET: UNIQUENESS, TWICE - GIFTED & GIFTED NETWORK Support Network for parents and home educators of exceptional students (special need’s to gifted)
We are a parents and home educators network of individuals who are concerned about appropriate education and related services for exceptional students. The network is sponsored by and for parents of "Uniqueness" (Special Needs), "Twice-Gifted" (Crossover), and "Gifted" students. We are hoping to offer some direction of assistance, so that you (the parent) can enrich your life and that of your child’s.
UTGNET: Internet is - an informational network which can offer support to parents through various means. We have an internet private/closed email loop that discusses various issues pertaining to education, resources, services et al. ---It is a place to query and exchange ideas with other parents. ---It is a place for general support from other parents of exceptional children. ---It is a place to find personnel and academic support from other parents who might have the same needs. ---It is a place to be yourself and make friends. ---And it is a nice place to just chat.

ADHD has an online discussion group, The Christian ADD/ADHD Digest, and have begun placing archives online for general perusal, and info. on homeschooling the ADD/ADHD child.

PREACCH: Parents Rearing and Educating Autistic Children in Christian Homes This group offers support, counseling, a lending library, newsletter & more.

Home & Education has a special page aimed at ADD.

Family Village is a place for people to find support of all different kinds of disabilities! There are message areas, links to web sites & more. Although not homeschool specific, you may find a lot of support here in general.

LD Online has various articles, bulletin boards, kid's pages, etc. There is also an article on Homeschooling LD/ADD Children: Great Idea or Big Mistake?


Different Roads to Learning is a web site dedicated to parents of learning challenged children. Their on-line catalog that features educational playthings appropriate for children, 2 to 9, who have delays in acquiring cognitive skills. Their toys provide stimulation for fine motor skills, concentration, shape and color recognition, discrimination, eye-hand coordination and categorizing. Parents and friends of learning different children are welcome to visit!

Help For the Family with the Special Child has info & links on ADD & autism.

Dyslexia, The Gift is sponsored by The Davis Dyslexia Association International. It has links to many resources about dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

ADD/LD Schoolhouse on the Web has suggestions & tips to help parents deal with & teach their ADD & LD kids.

Islamic Educational and Muslim Home School Resources - Homeschooling Children with Special Needs has some great info & links aimed mostly at learning disabilities, although there is some info of help to all.

Sibling Support Page has been recommended as a good site for family support & general references.

The Down Syndrome WWW Page


The Homeschooling Zone's Resources for Special Children is a page of resources to check out.

NACD - National Association for Child Development has been helping homeschoolers for a long time. I know of several who have used their services & are very happy.

The In Jersey National Academy for Child Development page has an article on homeschooling your ADD child as well as info on other special needs.

Audioblox is a program for dyslexia and other learning difficulties which has proven successful for more than 100,000 people. Now available in a home study application complete with all manuals, parts and tutorial video to guide you every step of the way. They say that if you are not entirely pleased with the results, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Robin's For Your Information Disabilities Page has lots of links to check out for various disabilites

Special Needs Education Network World Wide Web was established under the auspices of the SchoolNet project, a cooperative initiative of Canada's provincial, territorial, and federal governments, in consultation with educators, universities, colleges and industry.
SNE (es-en-ee) services have been designed for parents, teachers, and organizations that are interested in special needs education, but SNE information and resources will be of interest to a wide variety of SchoolNet users. It develops and maintains comprehensive information resources and communication networks to facilitate collaborative efforts in special needs education. This includes Mailing Lists, Gopher, World Wide Web, and Special Projects.

U Seek U Find Home Schools & HomeWork: Special Needs has a list of links that cover many different special needs areas.

Trisomy 21 Research Foundation, Inc. (TRI) This site was recommended to be added for parents whose children have Downs Syndrome.